Sunday Morning Services

Sunday Morning Worship

Thank you for your interest in the Sunday Morning Worship service at FPC. In the next few minutes, we hope to help you understand what to expect during your visit and perhaps explain things in a way that you are more prepared to enjoy your visit.

Sunday Morning at FPC is one of our favorite times of gathering. Everyone meets in the sanctuary for a time of worship and preaching at 10 a.m. At FPC you will find a blend of music and worship. Chances are you will hear some traditional songs, a few worship songs, and perhaps one or two that may have been written by a member our congregation.

While you are here, we want you to feel free to worship God in any way you are comfortable. Some who worship at FPC prefer a more traditional style of worship while others are more emotional or exuberant in their expression of worship. Worship is not about doing what is expected, it is about expressing your gratitude and love to Jesus Christ, so therefore, we hold no expectations of how anyone should worship as long as it is heartfelt worship.

There’s a special time of Meet & Greet during Sunday morning that’s referred to as ‘Trudy Time.’ This is in honor of Trudy Briggs who was a lifelong member at FPC. Trudy had a contagious smile and loved to share it every time she was in service. Our goal if for each person to feel welcomed and the love of Christ thru our church family.

During our Trudy Time/meet & greet, classes will be dismissed including toddlers ages 2-4, children’s church K-4th, preteen 5-6th, youth 7-12th, and college & career young adults.

The next thing you can expect during service, a speaker will deliver an inspiring message. Typically for the Sunday morning service, this speaker is Pastor David Beecham. While efforts are made to make the sermon somewhat engaging, entertaining, and relevant, the focus of the message is to inspire others to accept Christ into their life and then to live a Christ-like life.

At the end of the service, Pastor Beecham would love the opportunity to get to personally meet you. During this time, feel free to inquire how you could become more connected to FPC.

We hope this information has helped prepare you for your visit. If you should need transportation, please contact us at 731.968.6186. We look forward to seeing you this Sunday Morning.